the most exciting laser combat games in the uk
minimum age only 8 years

SAS Laser combat UK - the newest and most exciting laser combat facility in the Midlands, UK. We use our existing Paintball game zones and the latest digital Laser guns to ensure that you experience the ultimate Laser combat experience.

Our challenging missions are suitable for anyone aged 8 and over from seasoned veterans to new players, and are designed for the maximum adrenalin. The games include convoy, medics, hostage rescue, fuel dump and our world war themed trenches game all from our custom built complex in the Midlands.

exciting laser games using military technology

Laser combat is a team game, and is played outside. Unlike Laser Quest, the games are much larger - and can be played as a team game. We use the latest digital Laser taggers, which fire a completely harmless infra Red beam (the same as a TV-remote control) with pinpoint accuracy, up to 100 Metres!

The army/ military use very similar systems for military training exercises to add to the realism, our games are set in realistic woodland and outdoor laser combat scenarios.

Laser combat takes the best of Paintball, Quasar, Laser tag and Laser Quest to create a totally new experience.

key differences between laser quest,
laser combat, paintball, and airsoft

  • With a minimum age of 8 years, Laser combat is the ideal family day out for adults and junior players. Anyone can play!
  • Never run out of ammo or gas
  • The guns fire a harmless infra Red beam
  • Laser combat guns (or Laser taggers) are accurate to 100M
  • No safety gear needed no masks to steam up!

whats included

  • Up to 5 exciting Laser combat games, split across our outdoor and woodland game zones (approx 1.5 hours)
  • All the Laser combat equipment you need
  • Full supervision from experienced adult marshals
how do we book

Call us on 01902 844467 for more information, or book a laser combat game now!

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